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September 1, 2014 - On time comic!

So yeah, I guess I should talk about the upcoming hiatus. Basically this story arc concludes Friday, then there's a bit of an epilogue/coda of sorts planned for next week and thus the last comic will be posted September 12th before I spend some time not updating. I fully want to come back to working on the comic regularly and have some ideas of where things go from here, but there's a lot of logistical and narrative issues I really need to take care of first as well as other life stuff that I really should invest my full attention towards.

I'll still try to maintain my tumblr and you also can probably get updates from facebook and twitter potentially. I'll try to remain active on the comments so posting there or e-mail is another way of contacting me, and I'll try to have a tentative return date before the comic stops updating.

I'll also have more details about all this stuff once this arc concludes and particularly next week, so keep checking for updates then and hopefully I'll have whatever additional information you may want. Thanks.