VOLUME ONE (2012-2014)     VOLUME TWO (2015-)

WINNIE DOWS - The daughter of a prominent member of the hospital board discovers complications with her pregnancy and visits the hospital with Dr. Bryce. New staff members cause conflict with Star, and nearing the end of her maternity leave, Jennifer realizes that she needs to make progress on finalizing her adoption and that the status quo with Philip has not been maintained. Aaron and Ellie discuss Ellie going home at the end of the semester.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
01-05-2015Terry, Jennifer, Lillian, Mary, Star
01-09-2015Ellie, Barbie, Sophie, Aaron
01-12-2015Dr. Bryce, Belinda, Winnie
01-16-2015Barbie, Manny, Star, Dr. Gregory
01-19-2015Jennifer, Philip
01-23-2015Dr. Bryce, Winnie
01-26-2015Aaron, Ellie
01-30-2015Dr. Bryce, Belinda, Winnie
02-02-2015Philip, Jennifer, Gwen
02-06-2015Mary, Star
02-09-2015Barbie, Sophie, Adrienne, Manny
02-13-2015Jennifer, Gwen, Philip
02-16-2015Winnie, Belinda
02-20-2015Ellie, Mrs. Quayle
02-23-2015Star, Manny
02-27-2015Barbie, Philip
03-02-2015Star, Mary
03-06-2015Winnie, Dr. Bryce, (cameo: Pete), (cameo: Nick), (cameo: Nora), (cameo: Maggie), (cameo: Barbie)
03-09-2015Jennifer, Lillian
03-13-2015Barbie, Manny
03-16-2015Ellie, Aaron
03-20-2015Mary, Star
03-23-2015Dr. Gregory, Winnie, Dr. Bryce
03-27-2015Manny, Philip
03-30-2015Jennifer, Connie, (cameo: Donnie)
04-03-2015Dr. Gregory, Dr. Bryce, (cameo: Winnie)
04-06-2015Philip, Barbie
04-10-2015Mary, Star
04-13-2015Philip, Barbie, Gwen
04-17-2015Winnie, Mary
04-20-2015Lillian, Jennifer
04-24-2015Dr. Bryce, Winnie
04-27-2015Star, Mary
05-01-2015Ellie, Mrs. Quayle
05-04-2015Winnie, Dr. Gregory
05-08-2015Jennifer, Terry
05-11-2015Dr. Gregory, Dr. Bryce, Winnie
05-15-2015Philip, Gwen, Sophie, Barbie
05-18-2015Ellie, Aaron
05-22-2015Jennifer, Manny

ONE-OFFS #13 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
05-25-2015Ellie, Aaron
05-29-2015Jennifer, Manny
06-05-2015Mary, Star
06-08-2015Barbie, Sophie
06-12-2015Philip, Gwen

AALIYAH WRIGHT - Jennifer returns to work and discovers Manny's occupation, and deals with a poor Black woman whose pregnancy has advanced too far for a procedure. Meanwhile Aaron faces racism meeting Ellie's family and the rest of the staff examines their own personal identities.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
06-15-2015Mary, Star
06-16-2015Dr. Gregory, Jennifer, Barbie, Manny
06-17-2015Star, Philip
06-18-2015Aaliyah, Barbie, Maggie (cameo), Nick (cameo), Pete (cameo)
06-19-2015Jennifer, Manny
06-22-2015Aaliyah, Barbie
06-23-2015Jennifer, Philip
06-24-2015Star, Mary
06-25-2015Ellie, Al, Nell, Aaron, Junior
06-26-2015Mary, Aaliyah
06-29-2015Ellie, Aaron, Nell, Al (cameo), Junior (cameo)
06-30-2015Mary, Aaliyah, Jennifer
07-01-2015Star, Manny
07-02-2015Aaliyah, Jennifer
07-03-2015Nell, Ellie, Al, Junior
07-06-2015Dr. Gregory, Aaliyah
07-07-2015Jennifer, Philip
07-08-2015Ellie, Aaron
07-09-2015Star, Barbie
07-10-2015Aaliyah, Dr. Gregory, Jennifer
07-20-2015Sophie, Barbie
07-21-2015Mary, Star, Aaron (cameo)
07-22-2015Lillian, Jennifer, Terry (cameo)
07-23-2015Sophie, Barbie
07-24-2015Star, Aaron
07-27-2015Lillian, Jennifer, Terry (cameo)
07-28-2015"Guy," Pregnant Woman on Bus, Aaliyah (cameo)
07-29-2015Aaron, Star, Mary
07-30-2015Gwen, Philip
07-31-2015Jennifer, Connie, Terry (cameo), Donnie (cameo)
08-03-2015Ellie, Aaron, Nell, Al, Junior (cameo)
08-04-2015Gwen, Philip
08-05-2015Star, Mary
08-06-2015Aaliyah, Dr. Gregory
08-07-2015Jennifer, Lillian, Terry (cameo)
08-10-2015Barbie, Aaron
08-11-2015Donnie, Aaliyah, Connie
08-12-2015Jennifer, Philip
08-13-2015Mary, Star
08-14-2015Jennifer, Manny

ONE-OFFS #14 - A series of one-off strips between storylines.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
08-17-2015Philip, Amanda
08-18-2015Ellie, Aaron
08-19-2015Cardiologist, Dr. Gregory
08-20-2015Lillian, Jennifer
08-21-2015Star, Manny

DONNA "DESTINY" PLAIN - Barbie's co-worker at the strip club discovers she's pregnant and seeks an abortion. Meanwhile Dr. Gregory discovers he has the same birthday as an anti-abortion protestor, and the rest of the staff contemplate the nature of their romantic relationships.
Date Posted:Characters featured:
08-24-2015Dr. Gregory, Star
08-25-2015Destiny, Manny, Barbie
08-26-2015Terry, Jennifer
08-27-2015Gwen, Philip
08-28-2015Destiny, Barbie
08-31-2015Aaron, Mary
09-01-2015Dr. Gregory, Star, Pete, Nick, Maggie, Nora
09-02-2015Destiny, Barbie
09-03-2015Mary, Star
09-03-2015Aaron, Nora, Pete, Nick, Maggie
09-24-2015Jennifer, Manny, Philip