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April 2, 2012 - I was hoping to have ads when I launched, but the advertising services I signed up for (probably justifiedly) want to evaluate site traffic before placing ads. I've put a few temp ads in the meantime. E-mail me if you'd like to advertise while I await further evaluation, and we'll see if we can work something out before regular advertising takes effect. In the meantime enjoy the blank space where there will eventually be ads.

Anyway, welcome to the site. Despite being pretty limited content to explore so far. All the links along the top should work, though there's nothing to buy in the shop just yet. If you have ideas for merchandise you want to see, feel free to post them in the forum, and I should also have a desktop wallpaper available to anyone who donates via paypal by clicking the button above my twitter feed.

Business all out of the way, I suppose I should talk about the comic. Most of the overview of why Emily and I are doing this comic is covered in the about section, but talking about why we started with this comic and this storyline specifically, we wanted to address the common misconception many pro-life advocates seem to have about women having abortions without thinking about it. Emily and I introduce Patience here (in the dark hoodie and sunglasses) specifically to address the idea that a woman could have an abortion without giving it much thought. I debated somewhat if Ellie's response seemed a little too uncaring, but I think it clearly demonstrates that a woman's choice to have an abortion is not a simple decision and the stupidity to imagine it would be.

The rest of this storyline will then go on to focus on the procedural elements of Patience's abortion as well as her emotional acceptance of her decision. I hate to give away spoilers, but in this case I think it's necessary to point out (unlike so many unplanned pregnancies depicted in Hollywood or television), Patience WILL be having an abortion. Because of the pacing of the comic, it's slated to take place in May (though in terms of storytelling it takes place within a less than 24-hour period of when this comic takes place). Patience's story will end shortly thereafter, and another patient's will begin. Though I assure you that Patience will have an abortion, not every patient Emily and I introduce will. Furthermore, not every character will be portrayed as justified in the decision they make. Characters that have abortions may come across as selfish and irresponsible while characters that choose to bring their pregnancy full term may appear gullible and thoughtless. Each decision is intended to be presented as an individual choice instead of the blanket policies lawmakers on both sides of the issue tend to want to declare.

I have more to say, but have run out of room. Check out the about section for more information.

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