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May 22, 2012 - As I said yesterday, some of these comics use lazy techniques. Notice how I pretty much repeat the same panel all four times.

Meanwhile, I found an interesting blog on women's health by Dr. Jen Gunter that can be found here. It stresses consulting with one's own doctor before making medical decisions or taking advice from an online source (such as myself, and I'd like to again stress that I have no medical background), but it has a lot of material to think about and I obviously don't think thinking about these issues is a bad thing.

Also I learned of this, the 2012 Los Angeles Power of Choice Reception, a charity event being held in Los Angeles on Thursday to raise money to combat some of the dangerous legislation threatening women's health across the nation. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend, but Emily may be there, so say "hi" if you see her.

Meanwhile, about today's comic, I don't really intend With Fetus as an attack on religion. There are a lot of great charitable things religious institutions do not to mention the sense of hope and fulfillment they offer to people in times of destitution and grief, but it unfortunately also has the ability to preach hateful ideology and manipulate its followers into harmful situations. As I already stated, thinking isn't a bad thing. Mary enjoys a lot of aspects of the church to which she belongs, but she isn't afraid to stay silent when they preach something she doesn't believe. Silently she prays things will get better, and maybe in the future we'll see her become more active in voicing her opinion, but that'd be potential spoilers so I won't be saying any more on the subject.

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