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October 28, 2016 - A couple people have been asking about the status of the comic, so I wanted to post something addressing that as well as the impending election because, as always, abortion is poised to be an important election issue. My original idea for a comic had to be scrapped as the presidential candidates actually mentioned abortion for more than a sentence in the third presidential debate, and the candidate's stances were made quite clear. Clinton will support pro-choice legislation and Trump will oppose it. In my opinion, third party positions aren't particularly worth discussing as even in the unlikely event of a third party candidate winning, they would have very little power to pass anything through the house or senate that didn't already fall in line with one of the major party's political platiforms, so a vote for a third party candidate is a vote for more gridlock, not less (and regardless none of them has a particularly likely chance of winning).

Anyway, about the comic, or rather the comic's future. It's not over. I've just been very very sidetracked. When I started the comic I was unemployed, and I've since gotten a job. This means I have far less time to spend on the comic as it increases the number of things I must prioritize ahead of the comic, and rather than let the comic creep into my leisure time, it frequently gets pushed aside altogether. This said, I do feel my schedule should be opening up somewhat in the next month or so and presumably this means I could resume work on the comic, but there are some pretty major things I'd want to accomplish before I started posting the comic again regularly.

There's major work I need to do on the website and in terms of creating revenue streams. I desperately need to build a version of the site that works consistently across all internet browsers, especially mobile browsers where the website is pratically unnavigatable in its current form. Furthermore I need to make a bunch of new advertisements as most of my ads were geared towards volume one. I have a campaign in mind for volume two, but I still need to draw it. And most importantly I have to launch a patreon and do more with social media. I'm really bad with social media with twitter and facebook pages I barely promote, but clearly this is the way of promoting things now, and I have to sort that out.

All of this has barely anything to do with the creative content of the comic, and that's probably the biggest undertaking time-wise that I have to deal with. Due to the narrative nature of this comic, I'd like to have things written far in advance of drawing and presenting them, but building a buffer I'd be happy with is going to take some time. Ideally I want to have the rest of the current storyline (now to be referred to as "Dr. Gregory's Longest Birthday Ever") drawn and the following storyline written instead of just working off a loose outline, but this requires strengthening that outline and finding time to balance this with the other objectives I laid out in the paragraph preceding this one.

So... what's this all mean in terms of the comic's return? I don't really know. I think an aggressive estimate on a timeline where I could start posting regularly again would be in about three and a half months, emphasis on aggressive. I'll make a point of posting something on February 14th to at least check in again, as it would honor the launch date of my previous character February Gray, but I reserve the right to not be able to resume posting again regularly at that time. Hopefully, I will have made some progress though.

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