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February 24, 2017 - Next comic will be up in the wee a.m. hours of next Saturday...

In the meantime, I hope people are following the news. But just in case, Kellyanne Conway doesn't seem to get feminism. Jameis Winston continues to be a horrible person that because he's an athlete people are okay with. Guatemala has detained a ship from Women on Waves (a Dutch organization that provides abortions in international waters for countries with strict anti-abortion political stances, which this documentary focuses on). Arizona and Indiana are in the process of making abortion harder to access while Texas' attempts to restrict funding to Planned Parenthood have been blocked.

A couple other articles I've read recently include a discussion of the poor maternity care African-American woman receive which seems to have a large impact on the infant mortality rate, as well as this very open discussion from a woman who's had to terminate many pregnancies due to medical necessity with pictures that some might consider graphic demonstrating the developmental stages of those pregnancies.

Also Teen Vogue has come under fire for making gift suggestions for what to get friends post-abortion.

Probably other stories I missed too, but just trying to build somewhat of an archive of what's going on if I'm only updating once a week.

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