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March 4, 2017 - Quite a few less links than last week. First up we have this link brought to my attention by Emily that kinda gives an overview of everything happening while focusing on new tactics Texas seems to be introducing to have doctors withhold information about pregnancies from expectant mothers. I feel that any good OB/GYN will tell the truth to her patient and the free market will suss out the bad ones, but that process takes time and women will suffer in the short time.

Next up, international charities have been filling the funding gap in terms of what aid is available to women in the US seeking abortions, but while it's great to have raised so much money, it's still a bit of a double edged sword as governmental aide is more sustainable than relying on private donors who may be less generous in following years as it slides out of the forefront of their minds. In the present though, it's good to have that money.

That's it. I have more to say about the current storyline in terms of how this comic may come across as perpetuating stereotypes about promiscuous strippers, but I think I'm better off saying nothing and leting this storyline play out, reserving commentary til the end.

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